Dear Inner Circle,

On my way in this morning I noticed the children's playground was busier than usual and memories of the days when my children were little and such parks had a gravitational pull for them came back to me. I was running late this morning and content to walk past quickly but a little boy recognised me and came over to me at the fence. He had news that I needed to hear. His jeans had nine pockets! He knew this news was probably beyond my capacity to believe so I had to carefully count each pocket and confirm the total of nine. My day is off to such a great start because I’ve counted nine pockets. How often is the awesome wrapped in the ordinary?

Our most valuable assets are not in bank vaults and showroom windows but within us and all around us. Kings Cross is an awesome place with an awesome history and Wayside is inviting everyone from all walks of life to pause and ponder how awesome are the people in our community. We’re putting on a photographic exhibition that highlights how awesome is the ordinary. Join us if you can on Tuesday 12th May at 6pm.

He is a little sample of the astonishing ordinary.

“I have created a life of dust, grit, thirst and itch. Every trace of beauty and freshness had to be excluded. It has had the effect of smothering me, before I am done. I’ve got a grudge against my life for not having been a different life.”

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