Work with Graham

Graham is a speaker, writer and Uniting Church Minister.


Graham is an accomplished, captivating speaker. He has spoken to crowds ranging from 1000 people to intimate settings of 10. He is warm, passionate and inspiring.

Graham can speak on the following topics;

  • Organisational change and leadership
  • The importance of creating a community with ‘no us and them’
  • The privatization of self – an ‘I’ culture
  • Organisational culture

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Graham spoke at the Battle of Big Thinking, watch it here.

Big ideas


Graham is a beautiful, thought provoking writer. He captivates an audience with his eloquent words and the real stories he shares from Kings Cross. Graham has written two books, Love over Hate: Finding life by the wayside (2012) and Stories from the Wayside (2010). He also writes a weekly newsletter with 10,000 followers, read it here.

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You can buy Graham’s books here;

LoveOverHateBook  Stories from the Wayside waysidebook

Uniting Church Minister

Graham is a minister and conducts wedding and christening ceremonies most weekends, both onsite at The Wayside Chapel and offsite. Graham also conducts funerals. Graham also holds a weekly congregational church service at The Wayside Chapel, 29 Hughes Street Potts Point every Sunday morning at 10am.

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