waysidebookWayside is the iconic new coffee-table book from The Wayside Chapel. A triumph of community and a testament to the strength and diversity of the unique characters that call Kings Cross home, Wayside is a book that reaches right into the soul of Sydney.

Author Reverend Graham Long tackles profound truths about life, death, friendship, hardship and the redemptive power of love. Acclaimed photographer Gary Heery has shot striking black and white portraits of the visitors, volunteers, staff and friends whose paths cross at the Wayside.

Wayside is a beautifully curated portrait of our community. It’s a book where everyone is a person to be met, not a problem to be solved and we look at Wayside’s wide and impactful reach into the community.

More and more, Wayside has become a place of intersection – a geographical and metaphorical place of collision between the polarity of cultures. It is the place where love famously meets hate.

All profits from the sales of Wayside will go back into programs and services that support vulnerable people in our community.

Price: $80.00



Love Over Hate: Finding Life by the Wayside
LoveOverHateBookFor nearly 10 years, Reverend Graham Long has been the pastor and CEO of The Wayside Chapel in Sydney’s Kings Cross. During that time he has worked tirelessly to serve the community, offering guidance and support to those in need. Long’s autobiography and memoir Love Over Hate: Finding life by the wayside chronicles his journey—from the social worker who became a postman, to the postman who became a pastor—with all life’s twists and turns along the way.

Love Over Hate explores the day-to-day life in Kings Cross—a community often judged for its problems, rather than the beauty and dignity of its people. The landscape is depicted with poignancy and honesty including the struggles faced by the homeless, those who’ve suffered abuse or battled alcoholism or drugs. There are also wonderful examples of perseverance and fortitude, as well simple stories of the joy that can be found in the smallest gestures of kindness.

Underpinning The Wayside’s vibrant community is the notion of ‘meeting’ people rather than ‘fixing’ them. Actor Claudia Karvan captures the importance of this philosophy in her foreword, “This book is a human plea, a cry out for reason, a shout for love, a howl at illusions, and a sound for presence and for wonder… Let’s imagine a world where even a quarter of the illuminations in this book were put into practice!”

Love Over Hate provides an invaluable insight into Long’s life approach, offering a snapshot of life at the coalface of humanity; one he has been documenting in his weekly Inner Circle newsletters and broadcasts since 2004.

Within the pages of Love Over Hate you’ll find lessons on humanity and the strength and tenacity of the human spirit. Long provokes thought and discussion around the notions of love, hate, power and the ‘self’. He challenges the reader to reflect upon their life and the contribution they make to society.

Price: $20.00



Stories of the Wayside
Stories from the WaysideStories of the Wayside is a hardback coffee-table book that provides a window into the soul of The Wayside Chapel.
Featuring stunning photographs of people in the Kings Cross community and excerpts from Rev Graham Long’s weekly note, the Inner Circle, Stories from the Wayside offers a unique insight into the street life of Sydney. Four renowned photographers – Gary Heery, Hugh Stewart, Grant Matthews and Paul Westlake – spent time at Wayside over a six month period photographing visitors, volunteers and staff members. Every photo in the book captures the beauty and dignity of each person.
Our book will introduce you to some interesting people whose humanity and dignity and beauty was always there but is rarely seen. To the extent that you look at the images and read through the stories and are propelled to wonder at the resilience of humanity; to the extent that you are tempted to consider how tough life can get and the heights to which the human spirit can soar; this book could be transformational for the reader. For those who have eyes to see, this book will be not just interesting but transformational.

Price $88.00