Dear Inner Circle,

Our morning began with tears today. One of our visitors, an intelligent young man, full of promise, met a sudden end. We don’t know the full circumstances around his death, although we knew of a difficult struggle with mental health and substance abuse. On hearing the news this morning, a couple of our senior people stood in our lift quietly, weeping. Our lift was an awesome place this morning. I assured our people that their contribution to Wayside and to life was not just made by what they do but by who they are. These two didn’t just lose a client. The young man wasn’t an interesting “case”. The tears came because they had lost a brother. Precious tears. Precious people.

If you’re in Sydney you might be interested to pop into Wayside tonight. The Gyuto Monks of Tibet will be visiting with us. The monks are world famous and they keep a tradition that is more than 600 years old. They will lead us in a guided meditation and blessing with a chanting ceremony. There will be a session of Q&A that I will lead. Everyone is welcome although we will ask for a donation that will be split between the monks and Wayside. Seating is limited to the number we can safely sit in our hall so I’d appreciate it if you could email maxine.schellhorn@thewaysidechapel.com to let us know you’re coming.

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