Dear Inner Circle,

Walking to the office this morning, a young bloke who had obviously slept on the footpath greeted me. I’ve known this fellow for a few months and I’ve never heard him complain about anything. If mental outlook was the only requirement for a satisfying life, this bloke would be Australian of the Year. “What have you got in front of you today, Rev?” he asked. “My diary is so full today it scares me,” I replied. “You can have the day off, Rev. I’m prepared to give that to you!” I love this bloke. We exchanged a hug but he looked mystified when I headed to the office anyway.

A woman walked into our front door yesterday to make a donation of $30. She told us that she’d been filling her car with petrol just a short time before and when she went to pay, the card she always uses was rejected. She tried another card but it was mysteriously rejected too. She began to get quite flustered because she had no cash and other customers were waiting to pay for their purchases and get on with their days. Not addressing anyone in particular, the woman explained that she was embarrassed but had no way of paying her bill. The fellow behind her in the line quickly established that the bill was for $30 and paid it himself. The woman thanked her rescuer and he dismissed his generous act by saying, “What goes around, comes around.” The woman went home and immediately found $30 and gave it to us so that we could pass on this blessing to someone who needed it more than she did. What a lovely moment!

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