Dear Inner Circle,

A country boy landed here in Kings Cross a couple of months ago. He’s built like he could pick up a sheep in one hand and put it into his pocket. A disastrous experimentation with drugs caused him to leave everyone he knows and shelter in the anonymity of Kings Cross. He used to sit at our front pathetically trying to prevent himself from falling to the ground under the influence of drugs. He said to Una, our Senior Community Worker, one day, “I’m not the no hoper you think I am. I’m better than this”. Una replied, “Don’t tell me about it, show me!” Today I had a conversation with the same man. He’s drug-free, clear-faced, bright-eyed and truly present with us. He’s working hard at the gym to bring his strength back. It’s a joy to stand with him and behold the transformation. If we can find him a job soon, there’ll be no looking back.

The same fellow came to church last Sunday and we asked him to read the scripture for the day. He agreed to do it but was clearly nervous about taking a public role. I saw him several times in the morning reading in whisper the passage he was to present. Another beautiful bloke, who himself has overcome a heroin addiction to lead an inspiring life, wanted to encourage the big country boy. “Just imagine we’re all naked,” he said. The reply was, “Bro, you’re not helping.”

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